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Keeping Zen in isolation. Gah!

Breath, you're only human.

Hello! It’s Joy from BL, even though I’m not getting on hands on you and giving a kickass treatment, I want you to know I’m still here ( We all are ) and cannot wait to see you back in the salon once everything has settled down

During this pandemic, I’ve actually found it a little difficult to keep myself motivated, to keep up my ‘normal’ routine and to eat healthy. I’ll be honest with Easter eggs on sale I’ve found myself eating at least 1 bag a day (I don’t recommend ) My whole self care was out the window for a while and I was finding it hard, but I then realised that I need to be kind to myself that this whole situation isn’t actually normal and I don’t need to have it all together. 

My self care while in isolation has been small steps like going for a walk at least 3 times a week, washing my face and doing my night routine, making a healthy dinner instead of buying takeaway and just being happy with the effort I’ve put in and not beating myself up because I didn’t do 6 home workouts and make myself a acai smoothie bowl for breakfast-haha!

I think self care for me is all about self love and giving myself grace and time to get into my new ‘normal’.

If you’re struggling and you need a few tips or just some encouragement don’t hesitate to ask me! Or even a friend or family member, we’re all in it together and we’ll have get out of it together


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