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Understanding and feel confident about your treatments

IPL - intense pulse light therapy

What is IPL?

IPL stands for intense pulse light therapy, it is a beam of light that targets the melanin in the hair follicle. It heats up the hair and destroys the cells responsible for hair growth to achieve long term hair reduction.

Who is the ideal candidate for IPL?

The ideal candidate for IPL has light skin and dark hair. This doesn’t mean that only people with light skin will have good results, we need to be able to see a difference in the melanin within your hair and your skin.

Your therapist will be able to access your skin based on the Fitzpatrick scale and confirm if you’re able to have successful results.

Is it painful?

IPL is predominately pain free, it admits heat which can be quite warm for some. We will only go up to what you’re comfortable with.

What may prevent me from getting IPL?

Active sun exposure - this means no sun tanning, sun beds for at least 2 weeks before treatment and after.


No spray tan 10 days before a treatment.

Increased pigment in the treatment area can lead to burning, whilst sun exposure soon after treatment can lead to abs or al pigment changes and there is a chance you’ll be more photosensitive.

Medications - any medications that make you photosensitive will require you delaying treatment until medication has been completed and enough time elapsed to clear the body.


If you’re unsure about if your medications are photosensitive check with your GP.

Conditions- some conditions that may prevent treatment are, heart disorders, pacemaker, blood clots, epilepsy.


Pregnancy, tattoos in treatment area and certain allergies.


Avoid sun exposure, sun screen is highly recommended.


Any hair growth between sessions should be shaved not waxed or threaded.


Avoid any perfumes, deodorant and hot showers directly after.

Preparation for IPL?


The areas of treatment should be clean, freshly shaven, no deodorants or body moisturisers.


No sun exposure on area and free from all fake tan.

What body areas can be treated?


All areas can be treated as long as we can see a distinct difference in the melanin of the hair follicle compared to the skin.

How many treatments will I need?


On average ipl hair reduction requires 6-8 treatments that are 4 weeks apart for the body and face is every 2 weeks and requires a min of 16 sessions.

Everyone is different some have great results after two treatments, whilst hormones can play a big part and can take around 10 sessions.

After you’re happy with your results, you may require maintenance treatments 6-12months later.

Should I book a patch test/ consultation?

Absolutely! This will give us a good indication on what Fitzpatrick skin type you are, access if this is the correct course of treatment for you.

If yes, we will conduct a patch test.


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