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Lash Lamination and Tint $119 Lash Relaxer $30 Lash Extension Removal $30 (20 min) $1 per minute after Free with all full lash sets. We do not offer refills from other salons. Classic Lash Extensions Full Classic Set - $160 1:1 Ratio Classic Refills 1 week $60 2 week $77 3 week $90 4 week $130
Blended Lash Extensions Mix of 1:1 & 3:1 Lashes Full Blended Set $189
1 week $67 2 week $89 3 week $97
4 week $140 Volume Lash Extensions 3:1 + 6:1 Lash ratio Natural Russian Volume Lash Extensions $200 Dramatic Russian Volume Lash Extensions $230
1 week $75 2 week $97 3 week $110
4 week $150

Spray Tanning

Organic 2 hour Wash'n'Wear $30 20 minute Wash'n'Wear $40

Wax & Tint

Brow Tidy $26
( Under + middle )
Brow Shape $33 (wax + tweeze + trim)
Brow Shape + Tint $46 Brow Shape + Lip $36
Upper Lip $12 Nose $15 Ears $15 Chin $15 Neck $15 Sides of face $20 Full Face Wax $38 (excl. brows) Eyelash Tint $22
Eyebrow Tint $22 Combo Tint $38

Cosmetic Tattooing with Connie

Consultation $50 [ Redeemable within 4 weeks of consult ] Brow Tattooing $550.00
[ Brow feathering , Combination, Ombre , brow powdering ] All tattooing Perfecting Session $250 [ 4-6 weeks later ] Perfecting Sessions Extra Perfecting Session $250 [ 2 - 6 months ] up to 12 months $250 12-24 months $350

2 years + refresh session - Consultation

Lip Brush Tattoo $650

Top eyeliner cosmetic tattooing $400

IPL Skin Treatments

IPL pigmentation removal

The melanin in pigmentation absorbs the light, which then turns into thermal energy and starts to break down the pigmentation. The skin becomes warm and red and the pigment begins to darken and micro crusting starts.

Within 7-14 days the freckles should begin to fall out and lightening process starts.

IPL acne

The IPL (intense pulse light) treatment uses flashes of yellow, green and red light emitted by a series of pulses onto the skin. The yellow and green work to kill the bacteria that causes acne to live on the skin, where the red light targets the sebaceous glands to prevent them from producing too much sebum.

So the benefits of this treatment is reducing acne, healing the skin and also can help to improve acne scaring.

IPL- Vascular

IPL – photo rejuvenation

Photo rejuvenation uses intense pulse light (IPL) to reduce the appearance of some common skin conditions. The light pulses onto the skin and enhances the collagen. It is a non- invasive treatment with little recovery time. Some skin conditions it can treat are:

Rosacea, hyperpigmentation, age and sun spots, wrinkles, acne scaring, larger pores, melasma, freckles, broken capillaries, spider veins and stretch marks.

Before care

Use SPF 15/30 daily

Avoid any irritants to your face for at least two weeks prior to your appointment

Avoid self- tanning products

Don’t wear any makeup, perfumes, or lotions on treatment area

Before each treatment please let us know if you’re taking any new medications that may be sensitive to light treatments.

After care

Redness may occur.

Avoid picking any scabbing as scaring may occur.

Use SPF everyday

Avoid sun exposure for 4 – 6 weeks after treatment.

Avoid any actives on the face for at least 3-5 days

Avoid heavy exercise, hot saunas, pools, hot showers.

MENU Spot Treatment $39 Neck $99 1/2 Face $99 Full Face $150 Full Face + Neck $199 Full Face + Neck + Decolletage $219

Radio Frequency (RF) Skin Tightening

RF- Skin tightening

What is RF?

RF stands for radio frequency skin tightening, it is non -surgical treatment to tighter skin by heating up the deep layer of your skin called the dermis, therefore stimulating the production of collagen.

The benefits of RF it targets sagging skin, wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, improves skin tone and texture and increased collagen and elastin.

Treatments are done monthly, we recommend a minimum of 6 treatments.

Before care

Mild exfoliation before treatment to ensure skin is clean and prepped

We recommend being on Dermaviduals for optimal results as we are able to give you products to help kick start the collagen production process.

After care

You may experience VERY mild heat and redness (like sunburn) which will resolve quickly.

Avoid any chemical peels, skin needling a week prior and a week after your appointment

Avoid swimming, spas, hot saunas, gym.

Sunscreen will be put on your skin by therapist right after treatment.

Full Face $199 Forehead $99 Decolletage $199 Face + Neck $219 Face + Neck + Decolletage $219 Back of Arms $179 Stomach $199 Inner Thighs $179

IPL SHR Pain Free Hair Removal

SHR hair removal

SHR hair removal stands for super hair removal, this is a pain free treatment that is similar to IPL however the SHR technology scans the treatment zone and gradually heats up the area with repetitive lowfluence pulses until the hair follicle is destroyed, resulting in either stunted hair growth or complete removal of the hair follicle. The melanin absorbs the light and gradually heats up which makes it less painful and a lot more comfortable.

Before care

Shave treatment area night before – do not wax or pluck

Avoid fake tans and natural tanning for 2 weeks before treatment

Protect skin from sun exposure

Wear spf for the weeks leading up to treatment

Don’t wear perfumes or deodorant in treatment areas

After care

No pools, sauna, hot shower, or exercising for at least 24 hours after treatment

No direct sun exposure for 2weeks after

No plucking or waxing hair

No fake tan for at least 7 days after

Body Hair Removal 6 Sessions Recommended Neck $40 1/2 Arm $59 Full Arm $79 Underarm $50 1/2 Leg $125 3/4 Leg $155 Full Leg $180 Thigh $125 Snail Trail $40 Stomach $79 Chest $85 Back $165 X SHR $50 (Bikini) XX SHR $65 (G string) XXX SHR $75 (Landing Strip) XXXX $80 (All Off) SHR Packs Buy 5 get one free (One area only) Receive 15% OFF when you purchase 4 treatment areas (must be done in one session) IPL Facial Hair Removal (16 sessions recommended) Upper Lip $30 Chin $30 Full Face IPL $75 (excl. brows) Sides of Face $40 IPL Packs Buy 5 get one free (One area only) Receive 15% OFF when you purchase 3 treatment areas (must be done in one session)

Skin Needling (CIT)

What is skin needling

Skin needling is also known as CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy)
The device uses tiny needles to create micro channels into the skin that stimulates the healing response from the white blood cells which then encourages healthy cell turnover. The benefits of skin needling, are the promotion of Collagen and elastin, reducing fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and pore size.


Prep is key when it comes to Skin Needling.
We advise a skin consultation prior to your appointment to ensure you are the right candidate.
We recommend that our clients are on our skin care range, Dermaviduals, to ensure that your skin is prepped correctly for this treatment.
It is important for your skin to be prepped correctly to ensure the healing process of the skin is supported correctly by having an “Active “skin care system in place.

Sometimes this can take months to get your skin ready for Skin Needling, this is a journey and not a race so we do not want to rush into this treatment.

Before care
No sun exposure 2 weeks prior to treatment

72 hours’ prior, no active products (ie: Serums, A, C, E, ZINC)
Skin care correctly prescribed a minimum of 4 weeks before

72 hours’ prior, no exfoliation Inc. waxing.
No active Herpes
Using physical SPF

We offer a complimentary LED after your skin needling session.

At home we suggest applying Epi Nouvelle mask up to 4 hours after treatment.

Don’t wash the treated area for the remaining of the day.

48 hours after avoid; Hot showers, steam, physical activity.

Avoid active facial products 3-5 days after treatment.

Avoid sunbaking and ensuring you are being sun smart.

You may experience a “DRY” phase between 3-5 days after, this is normal.

5-7 days after treatment its ideal to come in for a hydration facial and LED light therapy.

Avoid needling two weeks either side of Botox or facial fillers.

Face $290 6 Sessions $1450 Face + neck $320 6 Sessions $1600 Face + Neck + Decolletage $380 6 Sessions $1900 [ ALL CIT skin needling sessions inc LED ]

Bespoke Facials

No two skins are alike and neither are out facials! Your skin changes according to your health, your environment, the climate and your diet. We encourage you to get a professional skin diagnosis with one of our beauty therapists today. Skin Consultation $79 Our skin Consultations are a 60 minute appointment, this appointment will also have a complimentary "Skin analysis" in our skin reader device. (Redeemable on products on the day) Express Bespoke Facial $129 (30 min. customised facial, not recommened for your first visit) 60 Minute Bespoke Signature Facial $159 90 Minute Bespoke Facial $209

Bacial "Back Facial" $139

Deluxe Eye Treatment $55
Facial Add Ons $43 Enzyme Mask Algae Mask Infused Clay Mask Enzyme Peel $70 Milia Extraction Removal $30
LED $50 Lympathic Enzyme Therapy Facial $189
3 Treatments $500 6 Treatments $995 LED Light Skin Therapy
Cleanse + LED $79
ADD LED onto a treatment $50
LED pack of 3 $199
LED pack of 6 $344


Traditional Makeup $99
+ false lashes

Bridal makeup $140
+ false lashes

Just Eyes $65
+ false lashes

False Lash Application $22